T-710 Bevel MDF Automatic Edge Banding Machine Both For 45 Degree And 90 Degree

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T-710 Bevel MDF Automatic Edge Banding Machine Both For 45 Degree And 90 Degree45 degree T-710 is equipped with diamond saw blade and big power motor for prefect 45° edge cutting. We used Schneider & Taiwan Airtac, Taiwan CPG conveyor. It has 2 groups pressing, one for straight one for incline. And there is hot air blow for adhesive better function . It’s good for wood, MDF, plywood etc. woodworking edge band work especially invisible handle for kitchen cabinets. The edge band material can be PVC, Acrylic and ABS. Better less than 2mm. Pull out support with rollers offers support for wider panels.

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Features of T-710 Bevel MDF Automatic Edge Banding Machine

1. Taiwan Delta frequency controller, insured the duration and precision of our wood edge banding machine.
2. Delta PLC, be one set of key part, air cylinder use Airtac from Taiwan, HIWIN liner track, Honeywell limitation switch, Taiwan CPG conveyor motor, all key parts we choose market tested best brands to try to guarantee our machine performance and let our customers enjoy to use our machines.
3. Independent lifting up and down system is optional, simple and convenient.
4. Diamond saw blade cut 45° edging.
5. Hot Air Blow make adhesive better stick.
6. Flat scrapping spray cleaning system.
Functions: Incline Cutting / 45°&90° Gluing /45°&90° Tape press/ Rough Trimming/ End Cutting/ Fine Trimming/ Flat Scraping / Spraying/Buffing


Product Description

T-710 Bevel Automatic Edge Banding Machine equipped with a diamond saw blade and a powerful motor designed for precise 45-degree edge cuts. It also has two sets of pressing, one set of direct pressing and one set of oblique pressing, ensuring flexibility in the edge banding process.

T-710 also has a hot air function for better adhesion and is suitable for edge banding of various materials, such as wood, MDF, plywood, etc. T-710 is specially designed for invisible handles of kitchen cabinets, and can handle PVC, acrylic, ABS and other edge-banding materials with a thickness of less than 2mm.

The machine adopts Delta PLC, Taiwan AirTAC passenger cylinder, HIWIN linear guide rail, Honeywell limit switch, and Taiwan CPG conveying motor. The T-710 also offers optional features such as an easy and convenient independent lift system.

T-710 bevel automatic edge banding machine is a combination of functions, including bevel cutting, 45-degree and 90-degree gluing, 45-degree and 90-degree pressing belt, rough cutting, end cutting, fine cutting, flat scraping, spraying , Buffing . The diamond saw blade cuts 45 degree edging and the hot air blows to ensure better adhesion of the adhesive, making this machine the ideal solution for all your woodworking edging needs.

Overall, the T-710 Bevel Automatic Edge Banding Machine is a reliable, robust and efficient machine that offers the perfect combination of features to make your edge banding jobs easier and more precise.



45° Cutting


Incline gluing


Straight gluing


Incline pressing


Rough trimming


End cutting


Fine trimming




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Introduction:Equipped with a piano key type pressure mechanism and a safety protection device, the M450C guarantees a secure and worry-free operation. You can adjust the pressure piece individually, allowing for precise control over the planing process. Additionally, the inclusion of a Taiwan Shihlin frequency converter enables fast and smooth planing, delivering impeccable results every time.

The solid frame structure of the M450C provides exceptional stability during operation, ensuring a seamless and accurate workflow. The large and heavy workbench and base offer a sturdy foundation and solid support for your inventory, while the precision-ground countertop enhances the overall accuracy of your work.

Featuring a durable 3-knife cutterhead, meticulously precision ground and dynamically balanced, the M450C ensures smooth and precise cutting. To enhance safety during operation, anti-recoil fingers are provided on the feed side, preventing stock recoil and ensuring a secure working environment. Moreover, front and rear working table rollers facilitate smooth feeding, ensuring seamless operation throughout the entire process.

The Double-sided Planer Series M450C incorporates the ability to simultaneously cut two planes opposite to small-diameter wood, achieving consistent thickness and a smooth veneer effortlessly. The generous 450mm working width makes it suitable for normal workpiece processing, meeting the demands of various woodworking applications.

To further elevate precision and accuracy, the M450C features a magnetic grid sensor for thickness display. This sensor ensures a much higher level of accuracy compared to traditional proximity sensors, enabling you to achieve precise and error-free results with ease.



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  • Model T710
    Total power 16kw
    Overall dimension 7500*900*1600mm
    Feeding speed 12m/min
    Edge thickness 0.4-3mm
    Panel thickness 10-25mm 45°
    Minimum panel length 120mm
    Minimum panel width 120mm
    Working pressure 0.6Mpa
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