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CNC Sponge Cutting MachineSponge cutting machine is divided into manual sponge cutting machine and CNC sponge cutting machine. The manual sponge cutting machine is cheap, but the utilization rate of the sponge is relatively low, and the operation is complicated. The CNC sponge cutting machine is moderately priced and easy to operate. Generally, people who can use computers can control it. It can effectively improve the utilization rate of sponges, and the cutting is dust-free.The sponge cutting equipment on the market is mainly laser cutting, which uses laser high temperature to generate energy to cut the sponge. At the same time, due to the fine laser beam, it meets the requirements of high material saving and high precision.

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Features of CNC sponge cutting machine:

1.The sponge cutting machine is driven by a motor with four cutter pulleys to drive the belt knife to cut foam sponge at high speed

2.The side of the machine body is equipped with a sharpening mechanism to ensure that the belt knife is sharp when working

3.The working surface is made of sand surface, which has high friction. The movement stroke of the table is easy to adjust, the walking is stable, the cutting thickness is controlled by the photoelectric instrument, and the digital display is stable, the repeatability is good, and the product size and thickness can be guaranteed



2 opposed grinding wheels for sharpening the cutting blade


Cutting Blade for cutting sponges and foams. There is a compressed bar to press the sponge during the cutting.

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4 Blade Wheels to turn the blade and make it in a closed rectangle shape.


Caterpillar Track for keeping the wires inside, moves along with the baffle during the cutting process.



CNC Sponge Cutting Machine, specifically designed to cut foam sponges with ease and precision. This machine is incredibly user-friendly, making it simple for anyone who can use a computer to operate it.

With a cutting speed range of 5-20 meters per minute, the CNC Sponge Cutting Machine is driven by a motor with four cutter pulleys that quickly and accurately cuts through foam sponge. The machine's side features a sharpening mechanism, ensuring that the belt knife remains sharp while cutting.

The table of the machine boasts a sand surface that has high friction, making the movement stroke of the table steadier and more stable. Cutting thickness is easily controlled by the photoelectric instrument, while the digital display ensures accuracy and repeatability for product size and thickness.

The CNC Sponge Cutting Machine is an excellent investment for businesses looking to improve the utilization rate of sponges and reduce production waste. Unlike traditional cutting methods, this machine's dust-free cutting ensures a safe and healthy working environment, while the high efficiency and precise cutting result in less material waste and lower production costs.

Overall, this machine is the perfect choice for businesses looking to streamline their operations and produce high-quality sponge products with less waste and greater efficiency.



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  • Machine Type Automatic Control
    Core Components PLC, blade
    Cutting Speed 5 – 20 m/min
    Max.Product Size(L) 3000mm
    Max.Product Size(W) 2200mm
    Max.Product Size(H) 1200mm
    Voltage 380v/50hz
    Dimension(L*W*H) 5000*2200*2200mm
    Control System Shanlong
    Power 30kw
    Weight 2500kg
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