45° Dovetail Tenon Machine

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45° Dovetail Tenon MachineDovetail grooving machines play an important role in furniture production. The mass production of furniture drawers and beehives is inseparable from dovetail machines. For enterprises that process dovetail tenons in batches, the old manual processing methods and even portable dovetail tenon machines cannot meet the production needs. The CNC dovetail tenon machine has quickly occupied the market due to its advantages of labor saving, high efficiency, and good processing quality, and has been widely praised.

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45° Dovetail Tenon Machine features:

1.The concave-convex dovetail shape of the dovetail connecting rod is adopted, so that the two planks are connected together by dovetail tenons to form a straight line

2.The mechanical structure adopts the newly developed double-rail distance suspension type, the transmission is clear and accurate, the precision is high, and the service life is long

3. Save labor and improve efficiency

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The 45° Dovetail Tenon Machine is a critical tool in furniture production, especially when it comes to mass-producing furniture drawers and beehives. For companies that need to process dovetail tenons in high volumes, manual processing methods and portable dovetail tenon machines simply cannot keep up with production requirements. That's where the CNC dovetail tenon machine comes in, offering significant advantages such as labor savings, high efficiency, and excellent processing quality.

One of the unique features of this specific dovetail tenon machine is the use of a concave-convex dovetail shape for the dovetail connecting rod. This design allows for a secure connection between two planks that forms a straight line. The mechanical structure of the machine is also noteworthy, featuring a newly developed double-rail distance suspension type that offers clear and accurate transmission, high precision, and a long lifespan.

With this 45° Dovetail Tenon Machine, companies can vastly improve their production efficiency, allowing them to reach their high-volume processing goals quickly and effectively. The labor-saving aspect of our machine also helps to minimize costs, making it a cost-effective solution for companies of all sizes. By choosing our CNC dovetail tenon machine, businesses can rest assured that they're getting a reliable, high-performance product that can help them achieve their production needs.

Overall, the 45° Dovetail Tenon Machine is an excellent addition to any furniture production line. Its simple but effective design, coupled with reliable and efficient performance, make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to stay competitive in a crowded market. Whether you're a small or large company, investing in a CNC dovetail tenon machine is a smart decision that can help you meet your production needs while saving time and money.



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  • Model HCS1525
    Max working width 500mm
    Working thickness 12-25mm
    Spindle speed 18000 RPM
    Spindle quantity 1pc
    Tenoner distance Adjustable
    Working voltage 380V 50HZ 3Phase
    Machine total power 3.1kw
    Main spindle power 1.1kw
    X spindle servo motor 0.75kw
    Y spindle servo motor 0.75kw
    Tenon type Dovetail tenoner, straight tenoner, round tenoner
    Machine size 1700*750*1250mm
    Machine weight(kg) 600kg
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